The development of any new products relies heavily on data. Data is involved in every stage of product development, starting with market research, data analytics, product development, and success analysis. Download our free Data Matching Canvas and discover new information for planning your data strategy.

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Retail Site Selection can have a huge impact on business success

The site selection problem is one of the most fundamental problems for growing businesses and new entries. Opening up a new business location can either be a game changer if hitting the right spot, or your new business site could be doomed to fail if the location is not attracting enough customers. Hence, there is a high risk of making wrong investment decisions. There are many factors that influence this essential decision that it becomes one of the most challenging topic for every business.

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AI and data solutions for e-commerce.

During the last decade, Data has become one of the most precious resources that every business possesses, but when it comes to e-commerce businesses, data science makes the difference between failure and success. Because of the highly competitive market and the continuous rapid change of needs and trends in e-commerce, there is no space for errors in prediction and decision making.

There are various fields where Data Science can help businesses in e-commerce, some of which we will mention below.

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The generation of data

We are living in the age of the fourth industrial revolution where data is the new electricity.

Each day, around 2.5 exabytes of data is created and the need for data has risen tremendously over the last decade. Data analytics is increasingly adopted across industries, starting from Retail, E-commerce, Logistic, Medicine and up to Manufacturing and Education.

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Niologic is a certified Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner

As of now, all of our team members are certified Google Cloud Professional ML Engineers as well as Google Cloud Professional Data Engineers. A new milestone in our partnership with Google Cloud.

Absatzplanung in der Logistikoptimierung

We support innovative solutions in logistics, retail, and e-commerce. Within a logistics optimization, we were able to sustainably increase M2M communications between robots.

We regularly get more than 500 applications per job posting. If you plan to apply, please keep on reading how to get hired as an AI expert (Data Scientist or ML Engineer) at niologic. 

First of all, we look for extraordinary personalities who have already proven success in their academic career. We appreciate people with international experience and global thinking as our clients are international and globally connected. You should bring international experience to the table e.g., a semester or an internship abroad, Bachelor, Master or PhD done in different countries etc. Multiple spoken languages are a plus.  

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2020 marks the celebration of our companies 5th anniversary. Having entered the market in 2015, we have had the fortune of being involved in exciting and diverse customer projects. Thank you for your trust.


Niologic opened up a new office in lithuanian capital Vilnius. As from now we will join forces with our team in Lithuania to take on exciting project within AI and Data Science.