• Smart Analytics & Data Warehousing

Increased revenue with efficient processes and quick decisions

Centralizing all business data - modernizing your infrastructure

Centralizing your business data

Make quick market decisions.

Kombination von Data Warehouse und Data Lake. Smart Analytics Lösungen für eine moderne Data Governance in Ihrem Unternehmen.

Do you want to gain new insights from your marketing data?

Do you wish to comprehend business and sales processes in a more detailed way?

No problem – with our custom-made Smart Analytics Solutions you gain a 360° view of your company. By integrating all data sources into a modern data lake and automized dashboards we connect all processes within your company. This includes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Sales, Marketing, and many more. Additionally, we imply a database interface connected to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) if desired.

This data integration allows you to gain real-time access to all business processes. Also, you establish modern data governance and Marketing Automation.

360° Dashboards, Smart Analytics, Centralization of all business data – modernize your infrastructure now

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Your advantages – Consistent growth and continuous success

Cloud computing and modern data governance are enablers for innovative, creative teams, and strong executives. Break with old limits and give your team the right tools for efficient work. At the same time, you increase the satisfaction of your employees.

  • All data, one platform

  • Automized dashboards including ERP

  • Connection to all marketing channels

  • Cybersecurity with secure VPN connections between datacenters

  • Access to SAP S/4 HANA

  • Connections to data from on-premise solutions

  • Easy and extensive analyses

  • Automatic updating of the data warehouse

  • Reduced downtimes

  • Monitor customer interactions

  • Machine learning models

  • Innovative data governance

SAP data within the cloud and swarm intelligence

The SAP world of operations marks a challenge to decoding information silos. Find a solution with the collective intelligence of all teams!

Efficient cooperations in Marketing, Sales, and Logistics have to overcome this challenge and connect to ERP (Enterprise Ressource Planning).

Our Solution

  • Connectivity

    we create a secure connection between your SAP system and the cloud.

  • Data Availability

    we generate SAP reports from SAP S4/Hana to also maintain valuable information in the data lake

  • Daily Updates

    we make daily imports of your data from SAP to make it available for all departments as a polyglot data retention

  • Updating core data and master data

    we make the data set configurable so that efficient data maintenance is possible company-wide

The 360° view of your business

Fast growth marks an important milestone for businesses. At the same time, however, growth can often be challenging. Therefore, keeping an eye on all business data like marketing, ERP, revenues may become a challenge. Thereby, the issue often lies within the comparison of data from different channels. While online marketing data can easily be linked in a dashboard; this step usually does not allow matching with sales data, ERP data from SAP systems, or on-premise solutions. In most cases, this is due to a lack of compatibility. However, accessing these platforms normally requires high licensing or personnel costs. Instead, niologic creates a link between all existing data sources and connects them in automized dashboards. Thus, thanks to our Smart Analytics Solutions, you gain a quick overview of marketing data, sales, and customer data – a 360° view of all business processes. Additionally, we implement a connection to SAP S/4 HANA®  without having to use SAP-BW®. To provide you with the highest standards of cybersecurity, we protect your data with an additional VPN connection. What is more, these data connections lay the foundation for machine learning solutions. Based on this, you can derive smart pricing models or Predictive Analytics in the future. Finally, we facilitate the integration of your Warehouse Management System.

All data, one platform

Altogether, our fully automated 360° dashboards provide you with an overview of all relevant business data. Data analyses up to the petabyte range become possible. Also, accessing data from SAP S/4 HANA can be done easily. Thus, you achieve an all-around modernization of your infrastructure thanks to Smart Analytics and a modern combination of data lake and data warehouse. Finally, this allows smooth communication with your warehouse management system. With a connection of ERP + Marketing, growing your business will no longer be a challenge.

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