Niologic intensifies Machine Learning Partnership with Google Cloud

Niologic is a certified Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner

Our team has recently achieved a new milestone within the Google Cloud Partner Program. As of now, all of our team members are certified Google Cloud Professional ML Engineers and Google Cloud Professional Data Engineers. Intensifying our certification we underline our competencies in the planning and design of complex AI and data solutions. We think, that’s really cool and are proud of having achieved this new milestone in our company’s history.

Our journey as a Google Cloud Partner

Additionally, many of our team members are certified Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architects, to determine the software architecture for AI solutions with our customers. Since the beginning of our journey, offering AI solutions end-to-end has been deeply rooted in our company’s DNA. This way, we want to ensure that not only prototypes and lighthouses find their way into businesses. Moreover, we establish integration of artificial intelligence into production systems with our solutions and establish respective monitoring within the company.

Retail Analytics and Manufacturing

Within retail and manufacturing, it is crucial to set up powerful analytics for business-critical decisions, without having to share your knowledge with one of today’s largest tech companies. Within an interesting customer project, we optimized, among other things, the robotics within logistics for an e-commerce company, significantly increasing throughput.

Becoming a lean startup with AI and Machine Learning

As an entrepreneur or business owner, as part of the lean startup movement, you want to continuously assess your position on the market with validated learning. For this case, we offer our data and AI solutions:  If you want to achieve sustainable success for your company or your product, internal opinions or beliefs no longer suffice. Instead, more than anything, you need data on your customers and your product. AI solutions enable faster iterations of feedback loops. Thus, you gain a crucial advantage in the market.

In future projects, we are counting on supporting businesses to achieve sustainable success with artificial intelligence and machine learning for validated learning. This way, we are setting standards for machine learning and AI, within the Google Cloud Machine Learning specialization. Moreover, the partner program directly puts us into contact with global key players in machine learning and AI.

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