Niologic achieves Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization

Our team has achieved a new milestone in the Google Cloud Partner Program. With the title, Specialized Partner within the field of Machine Learning (ML) niologic was granted the highest award of the Google Cloud Partner Program. This marks a big success in our company history. Therefore, we are proud to be the second company in Germany to be awarded this title. As of now, we are one of Google Cloud’s 43 specialized Partners with this specialization worldwide.

Machine Learning in Practice

Google Cloud sets new Standards in AI and ML. Within our customer projects, we have gathered valuable experiences throughout the past years. Thanks to Google Cloud Products we were able to develop customized Machine Learning Models, to perfectly fit our client’s demands. In one of many ML projects, we optimized the Machine to Machine communication for the logistics of an e-commerce company. This allowed the client to increase their throughput. In another project, we supported our client with elaborated algorithms for smart pricing models. In these and many more success stories we were able to apply successful digital strategies with creative Machine Learning models using Google Cloud.

Shaping the future

In future projects, we will continue to help companies achieve data-driven success. With our Google Cloud specialization, we will help set new standards in Machine Learning and AI. What is more, the partner program allows us to get in touch with global key players in IT, Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data.

Our young but experienced Team continuously works with great motivation, overcoming the challenges of the digital world. Therefore, we are already looking forward to exciting projects in the future, in which we will ably our deep knowledge of Machine Learning. As a Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialized Partner, we develop creative models. These help us to turn our client’s challenges into new potentials for digital success.

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