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Innovative Logistics Optimization

Absatzplanung in der Logistikoptimierung

Communication between robots is a crucial part of the automation of logistics and manufacturing processes. As experts in Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning as well as retail and e-commerce, we support innovative logistics optimizations. As part of an exciting customer project, we were able to sustainably increase the communication between robots in a warehouse. Moreover, we significantly reduced manual interventions increasing system efficiency.

This project has been a cooperation with Righthand Robotics, AutoStore, and Klinkhammer Intralogistics.

Successful increase of throughput in logistics

Using robots in logistics optimization marks a big opportunity for retailers and the growing e-commerce sector. Software and IT infrastructure play a fundamental part in this process, along with the innovation of powerful robots. Thanks to our longstanding experience and expertise in AI and machine learning, we are proud to be part of this trend supporting logistics experts with the modernization of robotic systems.

The following video shows fully automated logistics with the use of innovative robotics solutions. Niologic was part of this project improving machine-to-machine communication, which led to increased throughput.

Process automation and M2M communication

By improving product core data and securing communication channels, we were able to achieve an optimized control for each automated process. This way, we successfully increased the throughput in logistics. Also, by improving the operational and environmental parameters of the robots, we were able to improve Robot Picking.

Despite innovative advances in AI and Machine Learningautomations in logistics still frequently require human interaction (e.g. for maintenance). Thanks to Niologic’s reduction of manual interventions, our client was able to significantly increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the picking cells. Moreover, we supported the client with factory simulations (Fab Simulation)  with choosing new technologies and resolving bottlenecks in logistics. Altogether, this project marks an innovative milestone in logistics.

We are proud of the project’s success!

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