Our Services

Data Analytics

We are your partner for predictive analytics in complex, data-driven consulting situations. We make data available and reinforce your analysis skills.

  • Data Extraction

    We create added value for your analysis. As we unite your data coming from complex systems and processes. Extraction, transformation and merging of large amounts of data from heterogeneous IT landscapes. By anonymisation of data we help to sustain the required privacy.

  • Data Quality

    The quality of data collected will decide on the final validity of the analysis. Operationally, we use data cleansing, matching and enrichment to enhance the data quality. Preventively, we advise for an excellent data quality in terms of validity, timeliness, completeness and consistency. Cost-intensive post-processing of data can thus be avoided.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictions about future business and customer transactions involving all available business and third party data. Ad hoc data analysis without recourse to investment from existing IT budgets and Big Data projects of your IT.

  • Visualization

    We provide an understandable and attractive visualization of the developed analysis as decision paper. Optionally we also provide interactive dashboards for continuous decision support.

Data Consulting

We support your customer projects in design and implementation of data-driven business processes. We mediate potentials and requirements between business and technology perspective.

  • Data Strategy

    Conception of a data strategy for enterprise-wide data usage. We analyze the existing data of your customers and identify potentials for monetization. We consolidate these data with the goal of data-driven decisions. We work hand in hand with your teams at the customer site or reinforce your analysis.

  • Data Management

    We assess and improve the data-driven business processes of your customers or yourselves with the aim of professional and technical reliability of the data usage. For critical business decisions solid metrics must be the bases. By consulting on data usage and technology you get an independent opinion for demand based technology projects.

  • Data Review

    We assess the currently reached data quality and the employed, most often heterogeneous data technology. You get options for action to continuously improve your data quality in consideration of reliability and data protection.