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Our team is working on interesting and specific customer projects within the field of Data Science. Additionally, we consult our clients regarding the structuring and the algorithmic processing of their data. Our algorithms answer our client’s questions, regardless of which industry they are working in.

We are continually looking for talented and motivated people to support our team, who should possess a good understanding of applied mathematics and seek to amplify their data science expertise. You will find our current job openings at the bottom of this page.

How to become an AI expert at niologic?

We regularly receive hundreds of applications per job opening. While we are more than happy to see that so many talented people want to work for our company, we encourage you to keep reading before you apply for an AI position (e.g. Data Science or ML Engineer).

Our team consists of extraordinary personalities with successful academic careers. We value international experience and background, as many of our clients operate all around the globe. Therefore, we expect our applicants to have gathered international experiences (e.g. semester or internship abroad). Knowing multiple languages is a plus.

The international team of niologic approaches each project openly and with self-confidence, providing the best solutions to clients all over the world. Since we are very proud of this standard, we expect very good skills in languages and intercultural communication.

At niologic, we value academic education. Therefore, we recognize excellent grades as replacement for missing internships. Our main focus lies on Mathematics and Machine Learning – good grades in those fields are therefore welcomed. Apart from that we are looking for talents with academic experiences in Advanced Stochastics, Theoretical Physics (Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory), Theoretical Astrophysics, Differential Equations or Numerics.

Regarding talents – if you are 16 years old, have not started studying yet, but are already experienced with vector calculus to optimize neural nets – don’t hesitate applying for an internship or a student position. We encourage you to do so and will provide you with a coding challenge to assess your knowledge.

We look for applicants with academic knowledge, exceptional coding skills, and abstract thinking to master the complex projects of our client base. Make sure to include such skills in your CV, as well as your knowledge of languages and coding languages. In case you have done a PhD, please include your publications. We look forward to reading them.

We do believe in MOOCs (massively open online courses) – however, they do not replace academic degrees. Hence, we see MOOCs as valuable extra credit to underline your willingness to join our team.

At the beginning of your employment, we offer a training curriculum combining mathematics and engineering. While we believe in self-reliant team members, we will provide you with guidance to fill in possible knowledge gaps and exceed your limits.

Our team at niologic joins diverse academic as well as cultural backgrounds. We are united by our creativity and motivation to discover the best solutions. Still, we do not leave out humor or music, which is why we are still debating how we feel about Coldplay or AC/DC.

Stay curious. Stay hungry. Then, there’s plenty of room at the bottom.

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