How to become an AI expert at niologic

We regularly get more than 500 applications per job posting. If you plan to apply, please keep on reading how to get hired as an AI expert (Data Scientist or ML Engineer) at niologic. 

First of all, we look for extraordinary personalities who have already proven success in their academic career. We appreciate people with international experience and global thinking as our clients are international and globally connected. You should bring international experience to the table e.g., a semester or an internship abroad, Bachelor, Master or PhD done in different countries etc. Multiple spoken languages are a plus.  

We love our international clients. Presenting in Mexico, discussing in Chicago, meeting in India. Our international team brings the self-confidence and openness to design innovative solutions and present them to our clients. To fit in, you must bring in very good language skills and intercultural communication skills.  

Moreover, we believe in thorough academic education. Very good to excellent grades can replace missing internships. We excel in Mathematics and Machine Learning. Hence, we are looking for talents with matching grades exactly in those disciplines – A good start are proven courses incl. grades or a PhD in Advanced Stochastics, Theoretical Physics (Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory), Theoretical Astrophysics, Differential Equations, Numerics.  

Some words about talents: If you are 16 years old and already know vector calculus for optimizing neural nets, the written does not apply here. We are more than happy to provide you a coding challenge and let you eventually join the team. Then you don’t have to wait for your formal degree😉  

Why we care about academics? Well, MOOCs (massively open online courses) do not tell you about raw reality. Our clients are already very good in data analytics and data engineering – We support and mentor the client teams on engineering and algorithms where no off-the-shelf solution is available. The hard problems you could say. We are inventors. 

Hence, you cannot find the formulation or the solution to the problem online. Those are the times where a blank paper, immense creativity and a good portion of willingness (some would say stubbornness) are the game changers! This is nothing an online course in Machine Learning or “Becoming a Data Scientist in 14 days” can teach you. Sometimes, it will take you multiple weeks to arrive to a solution.  

Not to misunderstand: We believe in MOOCs for personal development and for democratizing education. However, they are not a replacement for a degree in Physics or Mathematics. They can be an addition to underline your willingness to join our team.  

Consequently, we look for personalities with academic knowledge plus very good coding skills and abstract thinking to put our clients to the next level by productionizing complex AI problems. Your CV should list your ability to code in a programming language and to speak different languages. When you have done a PhD, you should list your publications – we will review those. 

We offer a training curriculum during your probation phase which takes care of combining mathematics and engineering. We believe in self-enabled, T-shaped team members with a high ability to execute, no matter if it is math or engineering task. Therefore, we mentor you to fill the gaps and excel your limits.  

Some words about robots and sensors: Yes, we really like to simulate, control or optimize fancy machines for our clients or products. However, we also believe that those are machines. Machines which are shut off when we go home. Period. Hence, if you tell us that you want to work with us because “… I always had romantic feelings with robots. (…)” you will make it into our loving memories but not into our team. 

Better think about what your talent should bring to the planet and how can we optimize industry or society to make a change. To make a change, people (and clients) need to listen to you. 

Our team has different academic and cultural backgrounds; What unites us is our creativity and unstoppable curiosity towards finding the best solutions. Not to forget humor and music…. We still haven’t figured out how we think about Coldplay or AC/DC…  

Stay curious. Stay hungry. Then, there’s plenty of room at the bottom.