• Technical Due Diligence

    The checklist for scalability and integration

Strategic advantages of Technical Due Diligence

With our Technical Due Diligence, IT Due Diligence  and AI Due Diligence you obtain an overview of the contributions of technology and IT (software and hardware) as well as Artificial Intelligence to a company’s business processes. With our Technical Due Diligence checklist, a direct assessment of tech aspects and a smooth post-merger integration become possible. As experts in High Tech and Transaction Consulting, We support your upcoming acquisitions and provide you with our expertise and knowledge of High Tech.

Why Technical Due Diligence

Within Due Diligence, technology, IT, and AI are often regarded as a black box. However, they have a crucial influence on the success of the acquisitions. Therefore, a separate analysis of the Tech and IT structure has gained significant importance for M&A Transactions in the digital age. If that is ignored during the inspection of the target, a smooth post-merger integration of tech departments is not guaranteed. To avoid this, we analyze all parameters of the target’s IT and tech guaranteeing a successful and sustainable investment.

Early risk detection

Realistic assessment of risks and opportunities

Costs and complexity become recognizable

Assessment of both company’s tech strategies

Evaluation of key person risks

Smooth transition with our post merger integration

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In order to accurately evaluate the target’s IT department, knowledge of IT and business and administration is required. Additionally, a separate Technical and IT Due Diligence may under some circumstances cause confusion. We are aware of these programs and are happy to support you.

We combine our expertise in Transaction Consulting and data science with a focused analysis of the target. We extensively work our way into the technology and the business area. This enables us to create analyses, which perfectly fit the investor’s goals and the business model’s risks. Based on our experience in software development and our knowledge of IT and state-of-the-art technology our Technical Due Diligence focuses on a deeper level. This way, we detect and comprehend all the possible risks and opportunities. Additionally, we support process optimization during the growth phase.

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