Pricing configuration and pricing optimization

Market design and margin retention

Extensive IT services for product, pricing and fleet management

You want to act market-dominating and innovative. What are new product features you can offer at a specific margin. How is the technological utilization of your current product features. How to customize the perfect pricing strategy?

To answer all these questions we create customized solutions together with your experts. We build upon our longstanding experience in IT and Data Sience.

With an analysis of your historical data and external parameters, we predict the utilization probability of your new services along with the estimate size of the margin. We extract relevant data from your data sources and data warehouse structures. We cooperate with your product management in a data-driven approach.

Your advantages

  • Market design and margin retention

  • Reduced risk of falling margins

  • Increased freedom of planning compared to a classical descriptive calculation

Discover the advantages and strengthen your position on the market

Market design and margin retention

Pricing configuration and pricing optimization may have a significant impact on your customer. Therefore, the pricing strategy should be continuously developed and adapted according to different customer groups (ABS-analysis). By adapting your prices you efficiently strengthen the profit margins of your company.

By applying predictive analytics or data analyses, product prices can be arranged more attractive and securely. Prices are optimized for competition via targeted marketing. This way, a service provider achieved a five-fold inscrease of the pricing strategy, making it more attractive, while still gaining profit. As a result they achieved increased sales and market design.

Our prognoses provide you with an estimation of expected tariff utilization. How many customers are likely to fully exhaust your new prices. What is the expected margin?

To make prices predictable within a market-oriented pricing strategy, you own operative data sources can be integrated for prognosis. Thus, all existing contracts and interactions with customers can be taken into account when configuring new tariffs.

Customized analytics solutions

Big Data Analytics make it possible to address your customers with a more targeted approach. Furthermore, they enable individualized pricing configurations.

We provide you with custom-made prognoses, so can optimize your margin and offer tariffs accordingly. Within this process we implement analytics software or suites, which function as a dashboard in order to make predictions on the current utilization of your prices.

Predictive Analytics for smart pricing

Our self-learning algorithms anonymously include customer data. This way, we measure the current distribution of pricing parameters. As a result you receive probability measures for each parameters. By including additional parameters, we make a prediction on expected customer behavior. Additionally, we predict the resulting distribution of your margin. You receive measures on expectations of each individual customer and the total of clients. This way, you can actively design the market without fearing a falling margin.

Fleet management for servers

Reliability of server parks

In the process of virtualization, you minimize down times of specific machines. But how reliable is your system at a whole? Are there any critical components within the network, which could stop the entire cluster when failing? What about increased energy usage?

We identify critical paths within your fleet management and your datacenter operation. What is more, we implement automations and predictive algorithms (Predictive Maintenance) to improve maintenance plans and detect outages at an early stage.

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