Improved supply chain management with data integration and process integration

Our customer, a globally leading hosting enterprise wished to build an efficient supply chain management. niologic supported their customer by merging data into an installed base, business plans and ordering processes. Clear evaluations of ordering processes allowed controlling of the supply chain.


Our customer had already analyzed their internal departments (process landscape) and optimized singular steps as far as possible in the context of several projects after process excellence and ITIL (IT infrastructure library).

However, supply chain management challenged our customer to establish an inter-divisional process including diverse stakeholders within the enterprise as well a high quantity of data sources and data procedures.


In the beginning of the project niologic documented the goals of data processing as well as existing data sources within the context of a data strategy. Additionally, data processing and business processes were documented in particular.

Result and customer value

Our customer was able to continuously improve their controlling processes thanks to this combination and integration of several business processes.