Marketing and CRM Analytics for a Formula 1 sponsor

The customer, a sponsor of Formula 1, wanted to compare their customer data with their Formula 1 commitment and strengthen their business development “on track”. niologic supported the data enrichment and identification of customers interested in motor sports.


Our client had taken on a prestigious Formula 1 sponsorship and wanted to use the sponsorship in marketing. The data of the business customers, however, did not contain any information about a connection to motor sports.


In a first step, niologic cleaned up the existing customer data and removed duplicates and incorrect entries. Afterwards, search terms for motor sports and customer groups were coordinated with the customer’s marketing. Based on publicly available data and the customer data, an enhancement of the customer data was carried out.

Result and customer value

Based on the now completed datasets, a data protection-compliant retargeting for prospective customers and a mailing for existing customers could be set up. Our customer received clear, clean customer data for further analyses. The potential of a marketing campaign including Formula 1 sponsoring could thus be measured more precisely.