Introduction of Tribal Leadership to scale agile software development processes

The client, a leading strategy consultancy, developed a platform for various analytical questions. Due to rapid growth, he faced the challenge of splitting up and expanding teams while still relying on common standards and technologies. niologic accompanied the change process.


The rapid growth in product development confronted customers with the challenge of hiring more personnel for modules and functionalities in demand. Previous team decisions now had various consequences for several teams and therefore had to be coordinated.

At the same time, the experience and knowledge of new development engineers was to be used. The overhead for documentation and administration was to be minimized according to the agile development method.


niologic consolidated the project management into Scrum flows for development teams and Kanban flows for the Site Reliability Team. In addition, so-called Development Tribes were founded, bringing together development from different teams, who had the same tasks.

Regular meetings and common communication channels were structured to ensure the exchange among experts (Frontend, Backend, Data Engineering, Data Science) in so-called Tribes (Tribal Leadership).

Result and customer value

During Tribe meetings, business requirements could be discussed and synergies could be identified at an early stage. A so-called scope change during the current sprint could thus be prevented. At the same time, the specialists developed a mutual vision of technology to support the product vision.