Data strategy for the introduction of a Big Data platform

Our client, a successful startup, had grown rapidly and had reached the limits of its original software architecture. niologic supported the client in product development and the initial selection of a new software architecture for Big Data applications.


Due to rapid growth, our customer had reached the limits of its existing software architecture. With the introduction of a new software architecture, the new CTO also wanted to put database technology to a test.


In a strategy workshop, niologic brought together technical and operational stakeholders of product development. The current challenges were compared to possible solutions. Here, it was important to involve the stakeholders of product development in order to avoid expensive undesirable developments.

It quickly became clear that for the required customer analyses, the existing database technology had to be augmented and that a more powerful data architecture was needed to guarantee fast aggregations.

In the course of the project, the possible database technologies and architectures were compared to the development team’s knowledge and preferences. It turned out, that know-how for a technology change was already available. However, the roadmap was extensive and the existing product was to be supplemented.

niologic helped the customer to consider different database technologies and to choose a suitable architecture.

Result and customer value

The successful moderation between product management and product development resulted in a solution that ensured efficient further operation and further high-performance development towards a big data platform.

The data structure’s design was executed as a polyglot persistence, making it possible to select databases specifically for an application purpose. Thus a Lambda architecture could be created, which on the one hand used the existing NoSQL database as persistence layer and outsourced the complex mathematical evaluations into a column-based, analytical database on the other. In addition, a programming interface was created for the new database so that the evaluations could be converted in the frontend within a very short time.

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